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China blocked Google, Facebook and YouTube

China has blocked some software used by multinational companies’ employees to freely surf on the Net, avoiding them, in this way, to violate Chinese’s censored contents.

According to Financial Times, Chinese authorities decided to close all the holes of the “Great Firewall”, which blocks datas of other countries considered potentially unfavourable in China.

Five multinational companies stated that, in the last few months, the access to the global Internet from their offices has been disturbed. Historically, foreign companies in China use special networks, the so called Vpn, in order to overcome China’s censures and to be able to receive Internet from all over the world. Therefore, in the last months, those companies faced some difficulties in doing so.

Beijing censored aggressively the Internet surfing, closing access in China to Facebook, Google and YouTube. The Government proposed to foreign companies to use Vpn approved by the State, which is a sort of mitigate and legal censure. Those Vpn, however, are very expensive, as they may cost tens of thousands dollars per month, despite they are censored too.

China’s intention – states Lester Ross, Financial Times, partner of the Law Firm WilmerHale in Beijing – is to reach a complete control of the all the information, by forcing people to use only Vpn approved by the Government and making them hard using alternative methods.

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